Make Your Vote Count

Black women vote at a higher propensity than other groups and have been credited with advancing progressive candidates and causes at the polls. Yet, we continue to be underrepresented in elected government positions. BWWAP is working to change this. We educate voters about issues and candidates, hold public forums aimed at fostering civic engagement, and we endorse and work to elect candidates who understand and are committed to pursuing reproductive justice for all women.

Advancing good policy requires good leaders. BWWAP holds elected officials accountable for honoring Black women’s health needs and recognizing the intersectionality of issues impacting the wellness of Black communities around California—a state where 2.2 million people identify as Black.

Ballot and Voting Guides

Each election year, Black Women for Wellness and Black Women for Wellness Action Project produce a guide to help voters understand California’s many, many ballot measures. In addition to these voter guides, BWWAP holds forums and participates in public debate on initiatives impacting Black women’s health and wellness.


2020 Candidate Endorsements

BWWAP researches and interviews candidates running for a range of public offices that have an impact on Black women’s health. This includes federal and state positions as well as influential local offices like L.A. County Supervisors and District Attorneys. In 2020, we made our first candidate endorsements and we will continue to vet office seekers and support those who champion the health needs of Black women and girls.

Sen. Holly Mitchell

We are proud to endorse Sen Holly Mitchell for the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Second District Seat.

George Gascon

George Gascon is the best candidate for District Attorney in Los Angeles. He has a proven record in creating a more just criminal justice system and spearheaded important reforms.

We Woke. We Vote.

In 2020, BWWAP teamed up with Courage CA to encourage Black voters to get to the polls. Through weekly workshops, digital and physical ads, and social media actions we reached over 5 million voters with our message.

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