Vote NO on the Governor Recall Election

BWWAP has been working hard to reach Californians and urge them to VOTE NO on the recall election. We have called thousands of voters and placed ads across the state because this is a chance to make our voices heard and protect our democracy! We urge Californians to cast their NO vote on or before Tuesday, September 14th.

A small group of right-wing conservatives tried to roll back the will of the voters in our state by recalling Governor Newsom, despite his fair election. It was time for us to VOTE NO on the recall— and together, we sent a message that democracy matters.

BWWAP worked hard to defeat this conservative power grab. With support from our partners at Million Voters Project, our team:

  • Talked with more than 6,500 voters on the phones to ensure they understood the process, had a plan to vote, understood what was at stake and the importance of voting no in the election
  • Created and placed ads statewide where we new Black voters would see and hear them. From Los Angeles to the Bay Area, we reached hundreds of thousands of voters in South LA, Compton, Watts, Inglewood, Palmdale, Lancaster, Oakland, Stockton, Fresno and beyond through mobile app ads, billboards, wheat postings, and local newspapers
  • Ran radio ads heard by over 100 thousand people in Los Angeles
  • Connected with 65+ businesses in South LA to encourage them to share No on the Recall messages and voting information with their clientele
  • Partnered with BIPOC lead and serving organizations lead by Courage California to host a youth-focused Stop the Recall Rally where we engaged, energized and educated attendees on the issues at stake
  • Partnered with NARAL Pro-Choice California and Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California to host a Stop the Recall Reproductive Freedom Phone Bank that featured elected officials and community leaders who offered their insights with 150+ volunteers and underscored the importance of voting NO in this special election

Voters had two questions on their ballots—we urged Californians to vote NO on question one. Voting NO meant we kept our Governor and protected our democracy. In the 2.5 years since Governor Newsom has taken office, he has worked with us to advance access to maternal care and break down racial inequalities in our state. We’ve fought for and won: the largest renter assistance and relief program in the country; an extended moratorium on evictions; and COVID-19 relief and health benefits for many families. Right now, Black communities are being heavily impacted by the pandemic, uprisings demand a reckoning with systemic racism, and now abortion access is rapidly shrinking around the country—more than ever, California must be a leader in these progressive fights, and we cannot allow right-wing backlash to dismantle the progress we’ve fought so hard for.

The stakes were high in this election. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, we MOBILIZED our communities to vote. Our democracy and our futures depended on it.

Paid for by Black Women for Wellness Action Project