We are relentless in advocating for the health and wellness of Black women.

Our work moves public policy forward, elects leaders who prioritize Black women’s needs, shifts culture through media and storytelling, and empowers community members to engage in the fight for equity and justice.

Media Contact

Onyemma C. Obiekea
[email protected]

BWW was founded in 2017, in the wake of President Trump’s election. The Action Project’s affiliate 501(c)(3) organization, Black Women for Wellness, has been a pillar of the Los Angeles community for decades. But after 2016, it was clear there was an urgent need to invest further in advocacy efforts to protect and expand reproductive rights and justice for Black women. This requires advancing the right policies and electing the right leaders.

BWWAP’s advocacy work spans a range of issues, reflecting our commitment to Reproductive Justice. Whether we are working to make beauty products safer for women and babies, or advancing environmental protections that impact our neighborhoods where Black women live, or rooting out racial bias in our employment and healthcare sectors, we are consistently advocating for the health and rights of Black women and their families.

Passing good public policy requires political will and committed elected officials. BWWAP endorses candidates, educates and turns-out voters, and holds our leaders accountable for addressing Black women’s health needs.

Lastly, because shifting culture is deeply important in building a just future, we use film, art and other media and communications tools to create, educate and change the narrative around Black Bodies and Black futures.