Unapologetically working for the health and wellness of Black women and girls.

Why We Build Power

Systemic racism and sexism have deep roots, showing up in the policies that influence our health. BWWAP challenges these systems of oppression by shifting the power dynamics that routinely disadvantage women and Black people. Our goal is simple, to use policy, electoral advocacy, and the power of narrative to reimagine a just new future where Black women and girls thrive.

Our commitment to understanding and elevating the health needs of Black women has earned us a reputation as policy experts in California. We harness the power of community organizing to elect leaders who share our mission, and we create media content that drives the narrative around reproductive justice. Unacceptable health disparities continue to grow in our state, and we use every tool available to advance equity for Black women.


We hold our elected leaders accountable for honoring Black women’s health needs. We educate voters, endorse candidates, and work to elect champions who will recognize the intersectionality of these needs and fight to prioritize them.


We dismantle oppressive structures by advocating for local, state, and federal policies that protect and advance reproductive justice. Each year, we sponsor several pieces of state legislation and work with activists and elected allies to get our bills signed into law.


You Deserve Better

You Deserve Better is a campaign by Black Women for Wellness Action Project and Courage California. Using a speculative fiction format, we take a closer look at the horrors of crisis pregnancy centers.

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Latest News


Watch: How BWWAP Showed Up to Defeat the Recall and Protect Democracy

Together, Californians defeated the attempted right-wing power grab and democracy lives to see another day in our state! BWWAP worked hard to help secure this victory, mobilizing our communities and engaging in media efforts to defeat this initiative and preserve progressive policies and values that advance the health and well-being of Black women. Watch our short highlights reel to learn more!


Watch Governor Newsom sign BWWAP co-sponsored Momnibus bill!

BWWAP was proud to participate in Governor Newsom’s virtual bill signing ceremony of SB 65, authored by Senator Skinner and known as the CA Momnibus Bill. Together, we publicly recognized California’s commitment to addressing our state’s deep racial disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes. This bill is one historic step forward, and we look forward continuing this journey toward reproductive justice with our state’s elected leaders and community advocates.


Press Release: Governor signs California Momnibus bill

Today, CA Governor Newsom signed SB 65 (Skinner), which re-imagines what maternal health can look like in our state. BWWAP is proud to be a lead co-sponsor of this legislation, and we commend California for its leadership in the movement to address the Black maternal and infant mortality crisis with this landmark legislation.

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