We Woke. We Vote.

In 2020, BWWAP teamed up with Courage CA to encourage Black voters to get to the polls. Through weekly workshops, digital and physical ads, and social media actions we reached over 5 million voters with our message.

With so much at stake for Black women in the 2020 election, we joined forces with our partners at Courage California to educate voters on the issues, inform them about voting by mail, and ensure they got their ballots in on time. 

To do this, we held weekly online educational forums in the fall where voters could drop by and get their questions answered. We also used information gleaned from focus groups to design ads that would appeal to young Black voters in California. Understanding that Black voters recognize and are impacted by a range of intersectional issues, our ads touched upon a broad scope of factors including health care, climate change, racism, and voting rights. We ran our ads where the most people would see them: online, and in transit locations where essential workers– most of whom are people of color– were still commuting during the pandemic. More than 4.9 million people viewed our transit ads in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, and another 294,000 were reached via our digital ads. On social media, we reached an additional 789,000 people and our content generated more than 11,000 comments and other interactions.