Vote NO on the Governor Recall Election

BWWAP has been working hard to reach Californians and urge them to VOTE NO on the recall election. We have called thousands of voters and placed ads across the state because this is a chance to make our voices heard and protect our democracy! We urge Californians to cast their NO vote on or before Tuesday, September 14th.

Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Racial inequities have been laid bare across the country, including here in California. BWWAP has worked to elevate the intersection between racism and health, focusing especially on reproductive justice. Our efforts have ranged from legislative items, budget requests, administrative asks, and media actions.

We Woke. We Vote.

In 2020, BWWAP teamed up with Courage CA to encourage Black voters to get to the polls. Through weekly workshops, digital and physical ads, and social media actions we reached over 5 million voters with our message.

You Deserve Better

You Deserve Better is a campaign by Black Women for Wellness Action Project and Courage California. Using a speculative fiction format, we take a closer look at the horrors of crisis pregnancy centers.