Re-imagining Maternal Health

All birthing people deserve the right to have joyous births. BWWAP is pushing forward a campaign that changes the narrative and policies around maternal health care. Also, check out our birthing people’s bill of rights during covid.

Healthy Futures for Foster Youth

Why it matters California’s foster youth and nonminor dependents experience disproportionately high rates of sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancy, and poor access to prenatal care. This burden falls heavily on Black youth, who are overrepresented in our state’s foster system by 3.1x their share of the general population. This is a complex and intersectional issue, … Continued

STD Coverage and Care Act

Why this matters For the past three decades, the rates of sexually transmitted disease (STDs) have continued to climb in California. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are becoming more prevalent and can have long-term health effects if left untreated.  Syphilis has risen at an especially alarming rate (nearly 900% between 2012-2018!) and can cause serious harm to … Continued

Abortion Accessibility Act

Why this matters Abortion is a safe, legal health procedure that many women will choose at some point in life. California is one of only six states which require insurance plans to cover this care, but unfortunately many birthing people still face high cost-sharing burdens. Eliminating financial barriers is critical to ensuring that all birthing … Continued

Period Equity

Why this matters Not being able to afford or access menstrual products can result in the loss of educational, employment, and other opportunities. California is the world’s fifth largest economy, and it is time that we join the international movement that is demanding equality for women and menstruating people. What our bill does AB 367 … Continued